Monday, April 22, 2013

Ron Athey & Bruce LaBruce - Visions of Excess (2009)

"It's basically terrorist porn."
--Bruce LaBruce

The back cover says:

"Visions of Excess was a non-stop, 12 hour voyage into the heart of
darkness, a communion with the ragged spirit of Georges Bataille,
exploring the philosophers key themes of death, eroticism and the
forbidden. This DVD features documentation from Visions of Excess
London. Easter Sunday, 2009. Commissioned by SPILL Festival.

"Curated by Ron Athey and Lee Adams, and hosted by David Hoyle the
event featured live performances, installations, film screenings and
DJs. This dvd features excerpts from work by Lee Adams, Ron Athey,
Franko B, Gio Black Peter, Bruce La Bruce, Christophe Chemin, Peter
Christopherson, Zackary Drucker, Flawless Sabrina, Dominic Johnson,
Mouse, Kira O'Reilly, L.Gabrielle Penabaz, Lazlo Pearlman, SmaxXx,
Suka Off, Samantha Sweeting, Julie Tolentino and Veenus Vortex."

Curatorial Statement by Ron Athey and Lee Adams:

"In keeping with the spirit of the man whom Andre Breton dubbed 'the
excremental philosopher,' we are particularly looking to program work
that contextually crosses over from alternative cultures into an art
context, and established artists whose work has transformational
qualities that reach beyond the gallery/museum lens. Our goal with
Visions of Excess is to create a phenomenal experience that is greater
than the sum of its [already excessive] parts that will resonate with
audiences for many years to come.Our intention is not merely to curate
a group exhibition, but to lay down the map for a journey. The concept
for Visions of Excess is not a tidy one, it is our aim to curate a
perfect mess, strategize a series of installation options, stage acts of
defiance, frame out space but leave room for spontaneous experiences to
develop. In the end the event will create a vertiginous 'total derangement
of the senses' that is designed to open up space for thought and action,
personal transfiguration and the expansion of consciousness, because,
aside from watching, listening and viewing, the nature of the work we have
programmed has always been highly transformational, suddenly audience have
found themselves on the set of a Bruce La Bruce photo shoot, performing in
a peep-show, having a one-on-one audience with Warhol legend Udo Kier, or
being sandwiched between Kira O’Reilly and her mother in a lap-dance booth.
Each event has taken on a life of its own."

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