Monday, September 21, 2015

John Christopher - French Wives (1975)

A x-rated classic from the good old 70's, in an amazing copy. The story is nice and the lovely Tina Russel and Andrea True star. The true is that they don't make porn films anymore. We just have hardcore scenes shot on video, with artificial performes. The classic era had real people in front of the cameras. There were even production values, if you compare whit most of what is done today. You can see that by the beautiful French views and fair cinematography.

Deni Cavalcanti - Aluga-se Moças (1982)

Unintentionally, the film also won fame for a reason parallel: the primary error of agreement of the title (the correct is “for rent”), including being the subject of college entrance examination in question. The huge success of the film spawned a sequel: for rent two girls in 1983 without the participation of Gretchen and explicit sex scenes grafted.