Monday, September 21, 2015

John Christopher - French Wives (1975)

A x-rated classic from the good old 70's, in an amazing copy. The story is nice and the lovely Tina Russel and Andrea True star. The true is that they don't make porn films anymore. We just have hardcore scenes shot on video, with artificial performes. The classic era had real people in front of the cameras. There were even production values, if you compare whit most of what is done today. You can see that by the beautiful French views and fair cinematography.

Info about Andra True, from IMDb:
Nashville-born Andrea True moved to New York to become an actress. Ater managing to get a few jobs as an extra (in The Way We Were (1973) and 40 Carats (1973), among others) she embarked on a career as a porn star, and quickly became one of the best-known in the business although--at $500 per picture--not among the best paid. While still involved in the porn business she was trying to obtain roles in "legitimate" films, but none came her way. She had been writing music for TV commercials and singing in various clubs around New York City, and obtained an assignment on the Caribbean island of Jamaica to shoot commercials for a local company. She got caught up in the political instability that was ravaging the island at the time and was forbidden to leave the country with the money she earned from the commercial. Resourcefully, she called a record producer friend in New York, Gregg Diamond, and had him bring down a music track so she could record a song in a local studio and, in effect, launder her money and take it out of the country in the form of a master tape. The track Diamond brought down was an instrumental one he had produced and recorded but had no lyrics for. He and True got together, worked on the music, hired some local musicians and the result, once the tape was brought back to New York and remixed, was what would become her #1 disco hit in 1976, "More More More (How Do You Like It?)". She recorded a few more albums, but none achieved the success of her initial effort. In 1980 she abruptly left the porn business, and little has been heard from her since.

Info on Tina Russel, from IMDb:
Tina Russell was born Sept.23, 1948, in Williamsport, Pennsylvania, to John H. and Margaret Ditzler Mintzer. She grew up in Williamsport and graduated from high school there in 1966. Her senior photo shows a mature brunette with a "Laura Petrie" hairstyle, looking more like a future nurse than a porn star. She was the best known pre-Linda Lovelace adult-film actress, even though some critics have said her performances were unimaginative and she lacked spark. Her film credits begin in 1967 but the Williamsport city directories of 1968- 1970 show her living at home and listed as a student. Tina died of stomach cancer at the Tri-City hospital in Vista, CA on May 18, 1981 after having visited her brother in San Diego. Funeral and burial were to take place at Resurrection cemetery in Montoursville, PA, where her father was buried in 1982. Tina wrote her autobiography in 1973 titled "Porno Star".

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